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The Religious Research Project Compact Disc Resources

Christianity vs. The Social Justice Warrior Movement –  It is readily apparent that The SJW movement is hostile to historic Christianity and even feels superior to what they see as the hypocrisy of, “white privilege” Christians. There does not seem to be much Christian response to this movement. Perhaps because as a campus phenomenon it is perceived as a short lived loosely organized group. Even if that turns out to be true, God would still want Christians to treat them with respect and open dialogue with these people, in the hope of winning some to Faith in Jesus Christ, before it is eternally too late. This CD will help you do just that.

Bethel Church of Redding, California – This presentation will explore the history and the teachings of this group that was started by Bill Johnson. Among the teachings explored: Bethel’s fascination with speaking to the dead, their belief the Bible is not a closed canon but  that in fact the scriptures are in need of “fresh” revelation to be added to them. The presentation will also explore the maniacal preoccupation with ego driven self promotion on the part of the cults leadership and other important information.

The Same-Sex Marriage Controversy – There is a growing movement in the Western World to legalize same-sex marriage. This presentation will look at four issues that will help demonstrate why this is harmful to society:
1. Genetics and homosexuality, 2. World history shows few nations/cultures ever regarded the behavior as proper, 3. Cultural and legal problems that will arise, 4. Christian scriptures declare homosexuality to be sinful.

Got Discernment? A Prophetic View – The loss of discernment in The Church, across the globe, has been steadily accelerating for years. Though false religious systems in our world flourish. The words of Jesus and the Apostle Paul predicted this would happen and we have a ringside seat.

Postmodernism: Intolerance, Hatecrimes and The Church – The philosophy of Postmodernism is sweeping the western world. In this presentation three of the main tenets of this system are discussed. The approach a Christian can use to dialogue with one seduced by this philosophy is also covered.

Is Hank Hanegraaff the Rightful President of CRI? (2 cds) – Since his installation as the president of CRI in 1989, there has been unearthed a large amount of evidence that he is not the late Walter Martin’s “hand picked successor”. This presentation also discusses three major scandals that have rocked CRI, since the takeover.

Freemasonry – An international organization, that claims to have roots dating back to the building of Solomon’s Temple, is examined in this message. A group that claims solely to be fraternal in nature dedicated to philanthropy and the betterment of mankind. The teachings of this group will be shown not only to be religious but contrary to Christianity and in fact another gospel

Examining the Cult Explosion – An overview of the cult phenomenon and a discussion of 4 major issues that will help you decide whether a teaching is Christian or cultic.

The Way International – A cult that began in 1955, is still deceiving many today. Through claiming to be Christian, TWI’s doctrines in this 60-minute tape, are shown to be non-biblical.

Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church – The early history of the UC is examined with several of its current teachings: Denial of the Virgin Birth, Jesus was not God, and the crucifixion was merely an accident.

Jehovah’s Witnesses: Cracks in the Watchtower – The light of Scripture is shown on the Watchtower organization. JW’s teach that Jesus was created and the He was Michael the Archangel. Several failed prophecies of the Watchtower concerning the end of the world are also discussed.

Responding to Jehovah’s Witnesses Misuse of Scripture – Jay Howard presents a “typical” discussion by a J.W. using 20 verses that are commonly used to prove several of their bizarre beliefs. The second part of the tape will explain how Christians can use those same verses to present the Gospel to JW’s in a realistic, factual way.

False Teaching In The Church – Current false teachings in the Church will be discussed, how they are penetrating the Church today and how the acceptance of false teachings among Christians can be combated.

Seven Barriers to Belief – When witnessing, you will hear several objections to the Gospel. This presentation deals with the most common of those objections. Such as: Reliability of Scripture, is Jesus God, and is reincarnation a reality?

Mormonism: Fact or Fantasy? – In this eye opening tape the claims of the LDS church are explored including: Jesus the polygamist, Jesus and Lucifer are brothers, and the universe is inhabited by millions of gods.

Mormon Teachings vs. Mormon Scriptures – It is fact that several current key teachings of Mormonism are contradicted by Mormon scriptures. These contradictions can be great conversation starters as you witness to Mormons.

Joseph Smith: A True Prophet from God? – J. S. claimed to be speaking for God, yet many of his “prophecies” failed. The historical fact that he was deeply involved in the occult is also examined in this informative tape.

An Analysis of the Mormon Priesthood and The Book of Mormon – The male priesthood and The Book of Mormon are extremely important to LDS authority. A look at Mormon history, anthropology and the Bible prove conclusively that both are fraudulent.

Ministering to the Cults: Practical Suggestions – Do you want to witness to the cults but don’t know how? In this study we highlight many of the most effective evangelism techniques which will enable you to confront the cultist with confidence.

Eckankar – The strange teachings of this New Age group are exposed in light of Scripture. Those teachings include: a belief in astral travel, reincarnation, and a god who is both good and evil.

Unity School of Christianity – Is the church of The Daily Word really Christian? Can a religious system that claims that Jesus was only a good man, god is an impersonal force, and that the Bible can’t be trusted, be Christian? The Unity teachings are presented in light of Biblical truth.

Satanism and Witchcraft – The reality of Satanism will be explored, including such aspects as: ritual abuse, sacrifices and the movement’s ties to child pornography. The differences between positive and negative witchcraft will be examined and why more and more people are experimenting with these occult practices.

Spiritism and the Occult – the belief of Spiritism, that the dead can be contacted and various activities of the occult, including astrology are discussed in this presentation. Jeanne Dixon’s and “The Sleeping Prophet” Edgar Cayce’s roles in the occult are also revealed in this timely message.

New Age or Old Lie? – The phenomenon of the New Age Movement is sweeping the Globe. This old blend of Hinduism and the occult is critically studied in this expose of NAM beliefs.

The New Age Movement In Society – The New Age Movement is quickly infiltrating Western society. In this informative tape we will discuss how the NAM is influencing five major sectors of society, which includes: Education, the health field, the Church, and how you can guard against this seductive philosophy in your own life and family.

The Heresy of the Prosperity Gospel – A teaching that is prevalent in some Christian circles states, by naming and claiming something through faith, God is duty bound to give it to you. Is this supposed “law” of prosperity found in the Bible? An analysis of the key verses and Church history show this teaching to be inconsistent with true Biblical views.

Islam – The growing impact of Islam in the world is being felt in many ways. This presentation will explore the history of Mohammed, many of its key teachings, and how Islam understands Jesus and other Christian doctrines. This tape will be helpful for those who want to better understand their Muslim friends and neighbors.

The Reliability of Scriptures – Many cults, religions, and other nonbelievers attack the Bible as being outdated. In this important message the accuracy of the Scriptures will be discussed in areas such as: The transmission process, The bibliographical test and archaeological evidence. The Christian will come away with a renewed confidence in God’s Word as fully trustworthy.

UFO’s: The Hidden Agenda – Does intelligent life exist on other worlds? What are aliens communicating to humans? Can people be abducted by aliens? What if anything does the Bible say about these things? These and other questions will be answered in this timely message.

God in Three Persons – The great doctrine of the Trinity is critical to a proper understanding of God. Unfortunately many Christians struggle in their understanding of this great doctrine. This tape will not only show how the earliest Church Fathers expressed their thoughts on this issue but how the teaching can be thoroughly demonstrated from the Old and New Testament.

Scientology – The strange beliefs of this cult and the history of its founder L. Ron Hubbard will be examined in this message. It will also be shown that its teachings are completely contradicted by God’s Word.

Iglesia Ni Cristo – This large Philippine cult is in the spotlight in this 60-minute message. Their founder Felix Manalo’s life is discussed as too are several of their most important teachings, such as: Their belief in Jesus Christ and their works based view of salvation.

Why Do Cults Succeed? – The deadly history of cults would lead one to think that no one would want to join them. So why does membership in cults continue to grow at such an alarming pace? Jay Howard reveals how people open themselves up to cult manipulation, what recruiting tactics cults use and how they maintain their population. There is also some strategy discussed to help those who have lost loved ones to a cult.