The Religious Research Project:A Research Organization Investigating Cults, The Occult and Christian Apologetics.


Examining the Cult Explosion – An overview of the cult phenomenon and a discussion of 4 major issues that will help you decide whether a teaching is Christian or cultic.

Responding to Jehovah’s Witnesses Misuse of Scripture – Jay Howard presents a “typical” discussion by a J.W. using 20 verses that are commonly used to prove several of their bizarre beliefs. The second part of the tape will explain how Christians can use those same verses to present the Gospel to JW’s in a realistic, factual way.

Mormon Teachings vs. Mormon Scriptures – It is fact that several current key teachings of Mormonism are contradicted by Mormon scriptures. These contradictions can be great conversation starters as you witness to Mormons.

Islam – The growing impact of Islam in the world is being felt in many ways. This presentation will explore the history of Mohammed, many of its key teachings, and how Islam understands Jesus and other Christian doctrines. This tape will be helpful for those who want to better understand their Muslim friends and neighbors.

God in Three Persons – The great doctrine of the Trinity is critical to a proper understanding of God. Unfortunately many Christians struggle in their understanding of this great doctrine. This tape will not only show how the earliest Church Fathers expressed their thoughts on this issue but how the teaching can be thoroughly demonstrated from the Old and New Testament.

Post Modernism: Intolerance, Hate Crimes and The Church

A Question of Resurrection