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 Christians Are Often Ill-Informed Concerning False Teachings.

Sadly, the average Christian feels unsure and inadequate when confronting a person involved in a cult. A believer usually doesn’t have enough knowledge of the cults – or the Bible – either to recognize cult doctrine or to confront the cultist about wrong beliefs. And the cultist is an expert at shooting holes through biblically weak arguments.

That’s why Jay Howard provides informative, effective seminars to you and your church members. A veteran of cult witnessing and study, he presents simple, biblical concepts that give Christians confidence to answer false teachings.

Each lecture is approximately one hour followed by time for questions and answers. Topics may vary depending on the special concerns of the community.

Choose Your Own Seminar

Because Jay Howard offers a broad choice of cult related subjects, you can custom-tailor a seminar for your group, selecting as many lectures as you’d like.

Sample Program

Sunday a.m. “Examining the Cult Explosion”

Sunday p.m. “Jehovah’s Witnesses: Cracks in the Watchtower”

Monday p.m. “Mormonism: Fact or Fantasy”

Tuesday p.m. “Post Modernism: Intolerance, Hate Crimes and The Church”

Wednesday p.m. ” Satanism and Witchcraft” or “New Age or Old Lie?”

Other Possible Topics

Spiritism and the Occult
The Prosperity Gospel

(For other ideas, see our tape library)